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Fitness M’s Story

Private, Premium Fitness

The “M” in Fitness M stands for “Mind, Muscle, Medicine” to illustrate our mission to heal the body and mind. Since opening our doors on October 2012, Fitness M has been serving the affluent Korean community of Los Angeles by providing a spacious interior space, high-end fitness equipments, luxurious shower and locker rooms, sauna, countless fitness classes, and a dedication to provide customized personal training experiences for our members.

Our members never have to wait in queue for equipments or be surrounded by those who lack motivation. In addition, we provide a friendly and comfortable place to exercise, vital fitness and nutrition information to maximize results, and chiropractic care to help our members quickly and effectively reach their fitness goals.

Fitness M’s Comprehensive Exercise System

Working out too much or without proper guidance can hinder one’s progress towards long-term health and a strong physique. Fitness M implements a systematic and comprehensive system to effectively remove these problems. Each part aids in personalizing lifestyle plans to each member’s health and fitness level to provide a comprehensive diet and fitness regime for maximum result. We utilize the best body composition analyzer to get the most accurate bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), body fat index (BMI), and lean body mass (LBM) of our members. These measurements are recorded and tracked to ensure progress. In addition, an in-house chiropractor is available for chiropractic care and posture correction to prevent and fix any consequences of bad posture. This is the first time that a comprehensive package like the one offered by Fitness M exists in Los Angeles.



Methodical and Professional Personal Training (PT)

Fitness M’s personal trainers not only majored in physical education, sports management, dance, etc. at their universities but are also certified in CPR, yoga, turbo kick, etc. to be able to help their clients overcome any challenges they might come across.

Fitness M’s personal trainers use the data collected from our various tests in order to customize every personal training sessions. Because of their expansive expertise, there are numerous ways to vary every member’s workout sessions from flying yoga, pregnant yoga, martial arts, etc.


A Premium Facility

From the finest exercise equipment to the showers to the highest-quality air purifier and circulation system, every aspect of Fitness M can be comparable to those of a 5-star hotel.

  • World-Class Exercise Equipments

    All the exercise equipments at Fitness M are from Technogym, the leading producer of fitness and wellness products. Technogym blends innovative German technology with sophisticated Italian design to produce high-quality fitness products. Technogym is not only the preferred brand for our clientele because of its aesthetic beauty but also for its usability. From treadmills to presses to free weights and more, Fitness M provides a wide variety of equipments (a majority of them not found elsewhere) for our members. Not only does Fitness M provide wifi, but every cardio equipment, from treadmills to steppers, are equipped with the most comprehensive screens to provide ample entertainment for during those tiring cardio sessions.

  • Air Circulation System and Cushioned Flooring

    In order to maintain a comfortable space, Fitness M was designed with an efficient air conditioning and circulation system in place. In addition, the floors used for both strength training and aerobic exercises are cushioned to minimize joint damage.

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    • BIOKEN Products

      Fitness M provides BIOKEN products to its members. BIOKEN is a line commonly found in luxurious spas or hotels. The product is organic and natural and is great for people with skin irritation problems because of its natural ingredients such as ginseng, green tea, and aloe. It is rich in vitamins and has demonstrated a strong anti-aging effect on the skin.